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We source our wild boar from Bartosz Surman Co. Kilkenny.

We have secured boar for this season from Bartosz Surman who farms in Stoneyford Kilkenny. Bartosz believes in farming as close to nature as possible. His animals are allowed forage freely around the forestry on his & neighbouring farms eating nettles, seedlings are flowers. Bartusz also rears goats and makes cheese – the boars feed is topped up with whey which is the by-product of the cheese, they are also fed organic apples form Highbank Orchards. So as well as no waste they are not fed on soy or gmo grains!

We make our own boar sausages, We use natural skins, fresh herbs, salt & pepper.

We use no rusk, sulphite or preservatives. These sausages are clean and natural. Suitable for those on clean diets.

These will be frozen on day of production. Some thawing may occur during delivery.



500g, 1kg


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