Free Range Pork Belly


Dermot Allen owner of Winetavern Farm Co. Wicklow rears Sandie Blacks, Tamworths and Spots.

Dermots pigs are free range, born into a happy environment with lots of space and company and spend the majority of their time in forests and orchards.Dermot is one of the founding members and Chairman of the Irish Pig Society. He is also only one of a handful of breeders in Ireland to keep the rare Oxford Sandy and Black. Dermot uses no pesticides on his farm.

By sourcing direct from Dermot we are assured of the quality of the pork we use and the conditions the pigs are kept in.

We source our free range pork from Dermot Allen Blessington Co. Wicklow. Dermot is a founding member of the Irish Pig Society. Dermot rears pure blood Oxford Sandy Blacks.

We can roll or slice for you,  just leave a note on your order.



1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg


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