Organic Beef Liver


The O’Rourke family have been synonymous with farming in North Clare and
South Galway for generations. Their family farm is an excellent example of
traditional farming methods that have helped shape and conserve the Burren
landscape for centuries. The farming system, which they carry out, is an
extensive grass-based beef system where all animals are reared on the farm and
remain here until they are fit to slaughter at 30 to 36 months. The cattle are
grass-fed and range freely over the extensive pastures; all cared for and
maintained through the regenerative and traditional ‘Winterage’ farming
practices the O’Rourke’s implement.

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We have sourced our organic beef from The Burren Beef Co Clare who farm in a traditional and regenerative way harmonious with nature. We buy full carcass and utilize all parts of the animal.

Sliced and frozen on day of delivery.




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