Pocket Inkbird Scanning Thermometer


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Not just for the bbq enthusiast but great to insure the correct temp when cooking any meat.

With this thermometer, you can measure the temperature inside the dish in 3-5 seconds and you will no longer have to worry that the dish is raw! It is an ultra-fast thermometer reading the exact temperature (with accuracy of ± 1°C), with a wide temperature measurement range -50~300°C. The measurement results are displayed on a bright and easy-to-read backlit display. The thermometer is powered by a lithium battery charged via a USB port. The probe can be rotated to the desired angle up to 180 degrees. There is a magnet in the back of the thermometer, so it can be attached to metal surfaces (e.g. refrigerator). The thermometer is waterproof thus it can be stored outdoors even in the rain.


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