Dry Cured Free Range Sliced Pancetta


This Pancetta is our take on the Italian favourite. We cure pork bellies with our dry cure mix and add some pepper, juniper and garlic and leave to marinade for a week before being taken out, hung overnight and thinly sliced. Pancetta is delicious on its own or as an ingredient in your favourite pasta dish. Approx 10 slices per pack,

Weight – 150g approximately.

This product is best when refrigerated on delivery below 5°C and cooked as per instructions on packaging. This product must be cooked before consumption.

Suitable for home freezing, for best results freeze on day of receipt and use within 90 days. Defrost thoroughly in refrigerator before cooking.

Country of origin – Ireland.

Ingredients: Irish Pork, Salt, Raw Cane, Sugar, Black Pepper, Juniper, Herbs, Spice, Garlic Powder.

Preservatives: Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate

Allergens: None


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